Repetition Technicians

We are a team of qualified, educated and certified trainers to help you reach all of your fitness goals.

Brian Leggett

Owner/Repetition Technician

BA Exercise Science, CSCS NSCA, 10 years of personal training and group fitness.  Brian specializes in HIIT training, small and large group fitness, and corrective exercise.

Slater Curtis

Repetition Technition

BSN RN, ACE CPT, 4 years group training experience, 3 years personal training experience, 10+ years boxing experience.  Specializes in HIIT and boxing training. 

Dillon Haughton

Repetition Technician

M.S. Exercise Physiology, B.S. Nutrition Science, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Coach. With 3 years of coaching experience, Dillon specializes in HIIT and Strength improvements that will propel you pass your greatest expectations. 

Bailey Cremeans

Repetition Technician

B.A. Physiology, NASM CPT, 3 years group training experience, 2 years Personal Training Experience, and 6 years Swim Coaching Experience

Caitlin Edwards

Repetition Technician

BS Kinesiology, ACE CPT, 5 years training experience, specializes in Muscle Recalibration, Orthopedic Exercise, and Mind Body Exercise

Kylan Nelson

Repetition Technician

BA Physiology. An up and coming trainer that is making big noise within CSS, Kylan specializes in youth athletic development and is currently under the wing of one of the greats of Lexington, Coach D.  

Kendall Norris

Repetition Technician

 BA Equine Business, NASM CPT, 4 time First Place and 2 overall bikini titles, National Level Bikini Bodybuilding competitor that finished only 4 spots away from receiving her Pro Card in only her second year of competition. New to personal training, but a veteran in transforming the female body.

Kameron Cox

Repetition Technician

 BBA Marketing and Management, NASM CPT, New to personal training but a natural coach and motivator. Specializes in hypertrophy and muscular development.

Morgan Wall

Repetition Technician

BS Biology, NASM CPT, 4 years of group fitness training, 3 years of personal training

Jonathan Norman

Repetition Technician

B.S in Health Promotion with a minor in coaching. 4 years group training coaching experience. 10+ years boxing experience. 4 years mixed martial arts experience. Looking to work with the general population and athlete performance and development.

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