Personal Training

We will push you past your limits every workout and even be courteous enough to wipe up the sweat! Have a workout partner? Ask about one hour of individualized training for you and a friend of your choice! Starts at just $30 per session. Shoot us an email to set up your free evaluation.

Mini Bootcamps

Push yourself, push your friends, push your community to all get better. With Semi-Private training, you get the encouragement of friends combined with the 1-on-1 attention of a private training session. $30 per group

Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot in a class.

Meal Planning

Click Here to apply for nutritional guidance

Muscle Recalibration

Muscle Recalibration is a form of massage in which your muscles work to alleviate pain, reduce scar tissue and release knots, increase mobility and range of motion, and correct any structural imbalances. Starts at just $30 per session.

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